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Ecumenical Women’s Initiative is a Croatian non-profit organisation and women’s fund which offers solidarity, financial resources and accompaniment to women-led organisations and women theologians in Croatia and in Bosnia & Herzegovina, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia for creative and innovative approaches to address issues which impact on their lives and those of their communities.
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Our Mission

The Ecumenical Women’s Initiative was established with the aim of strengthening the role of women in local and regional peacebuilding processes through the promotion, development and advancement of women’s human rights, nonviolence and inter-religious/ethnic dialogue in Croatia and in Bosnia & Herzegovina, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia.

Our Vision

Just, pluralistic and peaceful society.
Our vision is of a just and peaceful society in which diversity is a strength and source of creativity, in which women have a dignified place and role in private and public life in harmony with their competence and personal choice and in which religion promotes and supports the achievement of full equality in dignity and opportunities.

Why we support women-led organisations

We believe that when women and girls have autonomy in decision making and access to resources, they can cultivate their creativity to develop solutions which are culturally sensitive to their own contexts.
We believe that by supporting women-led organisations to develop their own responses, lead innovative actions, and be spokespersons standing up for injustice on behalf of the wider community, other women are inspired and motivated to act and public perception of women is changed.
We believe that the creation of safe spaces in which citizens of different identities can meet with one another, listen to one another, learn about one another, contributes to reducing fear and dismantling stereotypes. On the basis of new/restored relationships, there is greater understanding and tolerance towards building a better community for all.

Our Impact




women-led organisations supported


women directly benefitted


people indirectly benefitted


A story told in the first person can bring the most complex events to life simply and authentically. Gathering together around storytelling can be experienced as a healing tool. It builds empathy, it strengthens community and is empowering. This is Jelena’s story of post-war reconciliation shared by a grassroots women’s organisation funded by Ecumenical Womens Initiave.