"Breaking the stage fright, paying attention to non-verbal communication, helped by find my optimal voice."

-workshop participant

Exposure to new knowledge, new perspectives and ideas brings deep and lasting change to the individual for whom all future interactions are positively impacted. The investment in learning changes not only the individual but the relationships between people and their expectations of society regarding advocating for societal change to improve the lives of those in their communities.

Many grassroots women's organisations have limited access to free training opportunities, prioritising essential activities due to lack of funding in a constantly shifting and unpredictable landscape. Aware of these challenges, the Ecumenical Women’s Initiative seeks to make non-financial resources to women in collaboration with a network of expert trainers and educators across the region. Designed to address areas of need and interest to them, each year we develop and facilitate learning opportunities for women’s civil society organisations and activists to access additional skills, knowledge and expertise that contribute to supporting, consolidating and advancing their activism and the mission of their organisations.

Feminism and Religion (FER) Online School

Intended for those who look to academically question their beliefs, attitudes, knowledge and practices about human rights and freedoms and who want to research how gender stereotypes shape the lives of women and men in the family and society. The cutting edge course topics offered are researched, written, structured and presented by prominent feminist thinkers in the region - Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox, Muslim, Jewish and atheist - who deliver new insights and innovative perspectives on topics through nine 14-week courses.
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Communication workshops

Entering the media arena and taking advocacy messages to the wider public can be an intimidating experience. Interactive workshops offer training on interpersonal communication, communication with the media such as preparing press releases and engagement in the media such as television appearances and interviews.

Dialogue workshops (in-person)

If women are to invest their time, voices, energy and often personal wellbeing in public discourse around a variety of topics, it is vital they have the adequate skills and tools to do so competently and safely. Tailor-made training courses offer women specific tools to build preparedness, proficiency and practical skills in nonviolent communication.

Digital Security workshops (online)

In light of rising cyber bullying, online violence, sexual harassment, hacking and data leaks, these workshops outline the basic principles of digital security, including advice about how to use digital storage, social media platforms and smartphones more securely.

Financial Resilience seminars (online)

Shrinking civil society space has impacted on the flow of accessible funding for grassroots women’s organisations. These seminars support small scale organisations to build their financial management skills through topics of relevance such how to as design an organisational budget and how to develop internal controls as tools to raise organisational confidence and public trust.
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